Sleeping Phoenix

I wonder about
Your smell.
Your sweet taste.
That dark,
Almost Raven
Black hair, nestled
High on the inside
Of your smooth
Muscled arms.
O, the ooze
Of that shadowed
Darkness, bending
Down my inner
Thigh. A strange
Feeling I can not
Deny. Why would
I? I’m Safe here.
Across the pool
From you. Aqua
Sunshine glaring.
Worshiping sparkling
Individual follicles
Of your beard and stomach.
Las Vegas is jealous
Of those silk black gems.
And your teeth.
Smiling perfectly
From that strong
Bearded face.
Charismatic grin
Setting your brown
Eyes flaming, heating
Melting down
Your lickable brows.
Reminding me again
Of thoseĀ rich possessions
Resting in your arm pits.
More hair gleaming, dancing
Down your stomach
Like Cowboy line-dancers
Celebrating your
Resting, comfortable cock.
Balls with velvet brimming skin
Neatly reclining,edging
Full veins, possessing,
Like familiar hidden trails
Seen high
From a drone.
Like a young
Sleeping Phoenix.