Is my heart so frail
That I’ll let you
Break it after only
One afternoon?
Sheets still warm,
Still the taste of you.
Waiting for your text
To bing from you.
My frail heart
Is so shaken alive,
That you would
Spend an afternoon
With me,
That I
Failed to keep my
Frail heart in the present.

Anxiously I try to refuse
Anticipation of your text.
Oh, so easy to
Assume your
Cyber no.
Safer than by phone.
“No,” I can feel.
Feel the blue
Taste of your
Cooling lips.
Brief words:
“Not Returning”
I understand.
I understand my frail
Heart has been broken

Frail has come to
Mean lonely and lost.
I wasn’t sure how
Much to share on this
Quiet passionate afternoon.

Our bodies exposed
And conversation
Pink,close, intimate.
Nose gliding down
Terrain of moist skin.
Typical of you?
Your accessible heart
On your sleeve.

Typical of me.
Mine hidden in
A back pocket of my faded jeans,
Tossed in a pile across the floor
There, There
Where our scented underwear
Freely, colorfully, completely mixed.

Was my frail heart
Weaker than the waist
Band in my magic fiber
Undies? Ironically, it
Is so easy to expose
My private furry parts,
Yet, cling to the fibers
Of my frail heart,
As I sit silently
Now waiting,
For your text message
To bring me a Bing.